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Modern Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

By: Joanne Derrick |

Dark kitchen cabinets are very on trend this season with navy blue being a must-have color. If you’re installing new kitchen cabinets and are in love with navy blue, you may consider what coordinating hardware and accessories you need to enhance your space.

As well as thinking about the shade you paint your walls, and the flooring and lighting, you’ll want the best configuration and the maximum storage also to cover your practical bases. 

These design tips will help you make the most of your modern navy blue kitchen.

Blue and White

This blue and white kitchen has a crisp, austere feel. Great for those into minimalism. You can mix and match your cabinets to add light to a darker space. These white wall cabinets and countertops do just that. The white subway style tiles keep the modern theme and reflect light.

If you want a designer look then tone is important. The flooring retains the serious feel through dark wood.

The stove top kettle adds fun with a pop of yellow and breaks up the duotone. Another nod to current trends is the gold hardware. After years of chrome we are seeing some exciting accents in gold across the home.

Dark Wood Island

This kitchen has a true sense of glamor. The gold handles and knobs tone in with the lampshades and the faucet. Your kitchen will look a million dollars with these accessories. Casual but smart with a hint of luxury from the gold.

The modern white hexagonal tiles complement the white countertop. More geometric shapes are balanced with the herringbone floorboards.

Interest is added with the dark wood of the kitchen island and its contemporary horizontal wood grain. Imagine friends chatting with drinks at the island on the gray fabric chairs while the host gets to work on dinner. 

Calm Sophistication

This kitchen has a cool, masculine atmosphere. The flat, matt cabinets have ‘barely there’ handles and the no nonsense frosted glass cabinets display utilitarian black china. The practical urban look is seen through to the gray stone flooring.

The black metal faucet, oven and window frame speak of that urban practicality. Black detailing is very on trend but it must be done carefully. Only one feature in black and it will look harsh. Make sure, like in this kitchen, that you pick out the details in several places.


This matt navy blue kitchen has some fantastic storage with floor to ceiling cabinets and an integrated refrigerator. When you’re planning your kitchen, think about varying cabinet heights. 

If you don’t have much storage in your home then full height cabinets are a great way of hiding things out of sight.

The modern gold hardware and the on-trend black window frame add drama. But the epitome of refinement here is the natural marble countertop. With its gold-like patina it’s a standout accent for the room.

Wooden Cabinets

This navy blue kitchen reads as farmhouse style through the oak wall cabinets, but it remains modern by virtue of its countertops and styling. The kitchen bar stools have an unusual contemporary design and match the oak cabinets perfectly.

The luxury of the gold handles is echoed through the marble countertops and the marble backsplash. The navy blue grounds this look, so that it’s polished rather than bling.

Golden Tiles

These sleek navy blue kitchen cabinets with modern handleless units are offset by an abundance of gold.

Ordinarily cabinets without handles can be industrial and practical looking, so roll out the gold for added interest. These wall tiles look like a stash of gold ingots and give warm light and reflection. The metallic theme is repeated in the countertops.

What really enhances this kitchen is the shelving with ceramic sculptures and pot plants. Even the kettles have character and their earthy vibrance is a surprise against the gold. 

Feature Recess

This modern navy kitchen has simple cabinets but some unique details. The vertical detailing in the stove extractor hood gives a focal point, like a good old-fashioned fireplace. 

But the design element that really stands out is the recessed shelving above the wall cabinets. Carefully chosen ornaments add an unexpected detail. It’s nice to add some personality to what traditionally was seen as a functional room.

The backsplash and countertops in marble take your eye to the suspended light fittings. Styled with tan leather stools and a cozy blanket, this kitchen is simple but bang on trend.

Geometric Design and Copper

These dark blue shaker cabinets are brought into the 2020s with geometric tiles and copper accessories. These elements speak of the now.

The faucet and handles are a clever way of displaying the copper home trend. With a white countertop, this look is perfect for those minimalists who like to be in fashion.

Sophisticated Practicality

What makes this navy blue kitchen look so modern is the detail. Lighting in the glass-fronted cupboards adds sophistication. You can pick up rechargeable magnetic lights online quite cheaply to copy the look. 

The ceiling beams are painted white for light and to keep them fresh. The mix and match butchers block and marble countertops work well. The pan rack is simple and utilitarian with of-the-moment copper pans.

Gloss Cabinets

High gloss kitchen cabinets have been around for more than a decade and still denote glamor and finesse. You have to be somewhat of a neat freak to keep them gleaming but for this stylish look it’s worth it.

The lacquered island unit reflects the light. With shelving decorated with books and interesting objects, the kitchen blends into the living area which is styled to pick out the tones from the kitchen.

Architectural Design

This kitchen really has the wow factor. Not only does it have the simple, modern elements of sleek cabinets and countertops and triple suspended glass lights, it has a glass roof.

If you are extending your home then think about the extra light you could let into your house with roof windows. It also adds extra interest with new angles, all of which spells modern living.

Home Improvements

This design really ticks a lot of boxes. There is a wonderful atrium allowing light to flood in. The steel joist has been made a feature rather than a problem to cover up, painted in a dark matt color. 

These architectural features, along with the subway tiles and plants, uplift and modernize the plain navy blue cabinets. Simple kitchen cabinets brough to life with innovative architecture.

It’s All in the Detail

Cabinet Hardware

When you have selected your navy blue kitchen cabinets you’ll need to pick out the hardware. Consider your overall scheme and the look you’re going for. 

Perhaps the handles are the feature, so you’ll want them to be shiny or elaborate. If you have a lot going on, you may need smooth cabinets without handles or knobs, or for the hardware to be subtle.

Black details are very in but make sure you have other areas in black to complement them. For fashion, think copper, which sits perfectly on a dark blue backdrop. Gold says glitz and glamor as well as being on trend. Or if you prefer practical, then brushed steel will always look good. 

Kitchen Faucets

Your kitchen faucet does not need to be in the same material as your cabinet handles but it should tone in with the overall scheme. In this kitchen, accessories like the pepper pot and soap bottles pick out the black of the faucet.

Cocktail Bar

Not what you’d expect next to your kitchen sink, these glass shelves are very witty. With bottles, an ice bucket, and cocktail shakers, what a wonderful spot to have your own cocktail bar. And think of the practicality! Next to the sink and with the wine refrigerator.

Design should be fun. We need our homes to work for us but we can be lighthearted and experimental too, so see what ideas and imagination you can use in your kitchen.


This dark blue sleek kitchen makes the wallpaper a feature. Papering across the whole wall, the wall covering is protected by a transparent plastic backsplash. Dramatic and ingenious.


The arrangement and color of the art and decorative ornaments are what enhance this otherwise simple navy blue kitchen. 

The accessories pick out the gold of the faucet, hardware and lighting while the art uses the duotone blue and white theme. This kitchen itself becomes a work of art.

In Conclusion

We are seeing navy blue kitchen cabinets a lot this season and it can be a versatile look. Take a look at the space and consider all your design elements.

The dark shades can be warmed up and given glamor with gold. Or they can become cool and sleek with black hardware and white marble countertops.

Modern kitchen cabinets are simple in design but can be enhanced by accessories, lighting and styling around them.