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Where to Put a TV in a Bedroom?

By: Advaita Raut |

Watching TV from the comfort of your bed is one of life’s simple pleasures. However, putting a TV in your bedroom requires a bit of thought and planning. The placement of a television in your bedroom must balance both functional and aesthetic needs. The angle at which the TV is positioned, or ensuring that the TV is at just the right eye level, is critical. It also needs to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your bedroom decor.

We have some helpful tips to help you achieve this balance. So read on before you jump into bed and catch your favorite shows for the night!

Across From the Bed

 TV across from bed

This is one of the most popular and convenient TV placements. The wall across the bed provides a good viewing angle that balances comfort with efficient use of space. The TV is at eye level, and you don’t have to crane your neck to watch it, which is something you should avoid before sleeping.

When positioned at the foot of the bed, the TV can be wall-mounted or placed on the dresser top with a TV stand. In either case, make sure the TV is at a comfortable eye level while sitting and laying back on the bed.

You should also think about and compare the size and distance of your TV from your bed. There is a recommended viewing distance based on the size of your TV, so keep this in mind before you set it up.

In the Corner

The foot of the bed may not be the ideal location for a TV in some bedrooms. This may be the case in smaller bedrooms or those with limited wall space, where there is insufficient viewing distance between the bed and the wall. Or, if you have a window at the head of the bed, the TV may catch a glare.

Positioning the TV in a corner of the room counters both these issues. For corner installations, you can use a wall mount or integrate the TV into a cabinet or wall unit, if you have one already. There are various types of wall brackets available that allow you to swivel and pivot the TV as per your convenience.

Aside from the functional win, corner TV units also add a cozy and snug feel to your bedroom. 

In a Hidden Cabinet

This option may require a bit of cost and effort, but it is the perfect way to have your cake and eat it too. If you prefer to conceal electronic appliances in the bedroom, tucking your TV away in a hidden cabinet when not in use is a clever way to do so. This allows you to retain your decor theme without completely banishing the television from your room. 

Putting your TV in a hidden cabinet also helps to keep your bedroom looking tidy, especially if you have related accessories like DVDs, speakers, or unruly wiring that needs to be kept at bay.

You can style your concealed TV cabinet in a variety of ways, whether it is with a sleek sliding panel that embeds your television or a classic cupboard-style storage shelf that you can open when needed.

On a Swivel or Partition Wall

If you have a large, suite-like bedroom space with a seating area, consider dividing it with a rotating TV mount or a floating TV partition wall. It is an excellent option if you wish to avoid making the TV the focal point of your bedroom, and also allows for versatility.

The rotating TV mount is designed to allow you to swivel the TV at a 180° angle. You can watch TV from either end of the room, giving you more flexibility in your viewing experience. It also elevates the bedroom’s style quotient.

In Conclusion

Remember, while angles, height, and distance are important considerations, TV placement is ultimately a matter of personal taste, comfort, and enjoyment! It is also critical not to overthink the placement and to trust your instincts along with some thoughtful research. After all of this, if you can find a happy medium between your comfort, effective space utilization, and aesthetically pleasing room decor, consider it an accomplishment!