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How to Use Olive Green to Create a Cozy and Inviting Bedroom

By: Joanne Derrick |

Olive green is a tranquil color that provides the perfect restful ambience you need for your bedroom. If you’ve never given green a go, an olive shade is very on-trend and a must for those who love a mid-century, retro look.

If you don’t want to paint the whole room, or overpower your scheme with green, then you could try olive green accents in your furniture or accessories. 

With plenty of options to choose from, you might like to update your current bedroom design with a few well-chosen olive colored pieces.

Olive Green Bedroom Walls

Olive Feature Wall

Green on every wall can work if your accessories are not also green, so that you don’t overdo it. The way olive green works best is to be contrasted with other colors, or to sit as a background to neutrals and a paler palette. 

An olive green feature wall will complement a white or cream color scheme and add a touch of calm while also a hint of the exotic. For a modern look, pair olive green walls or bed linen with geometric patterns in lighter colors.

Shiplap Bedroom Feature

If you have a shiplap wall behind your bed, then you can continue the farmhouse style theme by painting it an earthy olive green. A wooden shiplap wall in olive green will look good against a white or wood bed. 

White and green are fresh, think of the colors of daisies and spring flowers. Green against natural tones and a mid-wood such as oak or walnut will add warmth.

Block Painting Your Bedroom Wall

If you’ve invested time and money in getting your bed linen and pillows just right, then you could emphasize these with block painting on your walla. 

A green background wall will enhance all the beautiful blankets and pillows that you’ve layered to create the perfect nighttime sanctuary. 

Painting color halfway up the wall gives a focus to the beds on the lower part of the wall. This look is perfect for a guest bedroom with a sense of cozy.

Retro Green

Velvet Headboard

A good, sludgy olive green hints wonderfully at mid-century design. Rich velvet will spirit you back to an era of fondue parties and shaking it to the latest pop records!

For a classic style, an olive green headboard will look stylish against a slightly darker wall. Decorate with simple monochrome prints. 

If you want to embrace the mid-century look fully, then select some truly groovy bed linen in a bold, busy print of earthy browns and greens. 

Vintage Style Curtains

A heavy green velvet curtain looks beautiful against a blush pink wall. At opposite sides of the color wheel, a pale pink enhances an olive green.

Accessorized with similar shades in the artwork and plants, this is a daring yet gentle look for those who appreciate a vintage finish. 

Art Deco Lamp

Another period where olive green was fabulous is the early twentieth century. The glamor of between-the-wars decor can be replicated with well-chosen accessories.

Green looks regal against gold and brass, a finish which is currently in abundance. Check out your local thrift shops and antique stores to see if you can bag an Art Deco bargain.

Olive Green Bedroom Accessories

Beautiful Blanket

To enhance other touches of green in your bedroom, accessories such as bed pillows and blankets are a simple update.

A cozy fleece blanket in a gorgeous deep olive green will add to the layers of texture in a room with tribal patterns and a natural color scheme.

Green Against Pink and Gray

A surprising color combination that looks stunning and has a feeling of class is gray with pale pink and olive green. 

The pink is complementary, as we have seen from the color wheel. Matched with gray paneling and bedding, the overall scheme is kept calm and tranquil, as well as superbly on trend.

Olive Green Bed Linen

Against a crisp white wall, olive green sheets look pretty with pink pillows. A darker green is a mature, refined color, where a lighter hue would have more spring-like connotations.

For softness and panache, layer pillows and blankets to make your bed look appealing. A word of caution, you may find it so comfy that it could be hard to get up!

Bedtime Pillows

If you have a rustic bedroom with pale colors but want to add a touch of drama then deep olive green pillows will finish the look.

If you like a calm, tranquil but modern look, then a hint of olive is perfect for your bedroom zen den. Green is a restful color so this is a great choice if you like to meditate in the morning in the sanctuary of your bed.

A Green Rug

Looking wonderful at the end of the bed, a patterned olive green rug is a beautiful feature. Or left by the side of the bed, a welcoming softness when you get up. 

If you have a plain scheme then you may want to add a dash of interest with a colorful, patterned rug. Or if you like the maximalist look, then a rug is a must for adding another layer of texture and fun.

Whether you’re picking out other green tones in your accent pieces, or are contrasting with a pink or white design, a green rug adds luxury and warmth to a bedroom.


Olive Green Dresser

Olive green is a lovely color to pick for your bedroom furniture. If you cannot find the piece you want, then you could make over an existing dresser by sanding the surfaces, priming, then painting in an olive green specialist furniture paint. 

Consider how you’ll dress the surface of your furniture, choosing varying heights and materials. Black and white art prints will match beautifully with olive green furniture.

Dressing Table

It can be possible to find matching bedroom furniture in a gorgeous green veneer. A dressing table will look pretty against white walls.

A tip regarding the hardware is to match with gold knobs or handles for an exquisite, rich look. Knobs can usually be bought quite cheaply and can be a fantastic update for most furniture.

Functioning Futon

A velvet olive green futon or sofa bed will look glamorous in a guest bedroom. A cozy seat for a power nap, or as a comfy reading nook when the bed is not needed, you can create a stunning look in both guises.

Dressed with pillows and matched with earthy, exotic tones, a velvet futon will be appealing as a sofa or when opened out and covered with some pretty bed linen.

Dressing Area Chair

If you have the space, an olive green chair will look great in the corner of the room. Or if you have a dressing table, a small upholstered chair is a comfy place to get ready for the day.

Contrasted against a feature wall that brilliantly zones off the dressing area of the room, a velvet chair will work for both vintage and modern styles. 

In Conclusion

Olive green is a great color for a bedroom as green is known for its calming effects. If you like to meditate, then painting the walls or adding green accents will give you a great space to relax.

Too much olive green can feel oppressive, so feature walls and accent colors are recommended. Layering your bed in pillows and blankets will not only be a great aesthetic but also super comfy.

You can also look out for olive green furniture, or better still, get crafty with some furniture paint and make over any tired bedroom pieces you have.