23 Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas in 2020

By: Summer Hirst |

Farmhouse living has a very unique feel. If you long for that feeling, you can create a farmhouse style bedroom and have a warm and cozy space of your own that’s always welcoming when you want to call it a day.

If you live in the city but your heart is back in the country, a farmhouse style bedroom will give you the right feeling that’s both casual and comforting.

There are several ideas to create a farmhouse bedroom but whichever style you choose, make sure it’s airy because that’s what a farmhouse is all about – open and airy spaces.

Shiplap walls


When you think about a farmhouse bedroom, the first thing that comes to mind is shiplap walls. While they are most commonly white, you can select other colors for them as well. But make sure they’re of lighter hues. 

Light colors don’t just give the farmhouse feel, they also make the room look bigger. Shiplap walls are generally made from wood or PVC. But you can also get a wallpaper with a shiplap look. And since shiplap doesn’t take too long to install, it can be the perfect weekend project.

Quotation on the wall


“Better together”. “Live Love Laugh”. “Loving together”.

It doesn’t matter which quote you go by, as long as it shows your love of togetherness and the happiness in your life. Your farmhouse bedroom should be a happy and cozy place and the quotation should show it.

Bold quotations against a white wall will look amazing. If you’re not the quotation kind of person, you can also go for a bold wall clock. Big and bold alphabets or numbers against a white backdrop look amazing.

Chandelier lights


A candelabra chandelier is the hallmark of a farmhouse bedroom. If you’re a diehard lover of the olden days, you can install a real candelabra. And if you want to improvise (which is a better option), there are several chandeliers that look like candelabras.

This way, you can switch it on and off whenever you want and it won’t create goops of wax. But if you want to create a middle-ages look, you can go for a real candelabra (which definitely looks classier – although it’s messier). Get whatever your heart desires.



Can’t get real candles for the chandelier? Don’t worry, you can install candles just about anywhere else in the bedroom. Take a look at this shelf above the bed. It has the vintage touch of a farmhouse. However, when you install it, make sure the shelf is placed high on the wall so your head doesn’t bang against it.

Place some plants on it along with a few candles and it will create a very romantic ambiance. A wooden box on the shelf will also add to the charm.

Wooden headboard


When you’re planning a farmhouse bedroom, make sure you select a raw and rustic look. The two looks I like are metal and wooden. Of them, wooden is my favorite. Wood gives a very raw feeling – like you’re in the woods. A foresty green feel that’s classic of a farmhouse bedroom.

So if you’re planning a headboard for your farmhouse bedroom, try to get an unpolished look. While teakwood is a good choice, oak and maple also give a rich look.

Plants in a birdcage


Birdcages look amazing. But they cage birds, which sucks. Simple solution – replace birds with plants. Indoor hanging plants look great in birdcages. 

While candelabra chandeliers are the best options for a farmhouse bedroom, here’s the thing – they aren’t exactly the most affordable type of lights. So if you want to chuck them and go for something else, birdcages are the perfect solution. 

Plus, the hanging plants give a very green vibe to the room. Get the wooden foresty look with hanging plants right in the middle of the room.

Farmhouse animals


What’s a farmhouse without animals? Hang the photo of your favorite cow, if you have one. Your family dog, your pampered cat – just about any animal will give you the feel of a farmhouse bedroom. The photo will look great on a wooden shiplap wall.

You can also hang the photos of other animals on the other walls. Whether you want to use a photo, artwork, or a wall decal, any animal imagery will make you have a farmhouse feel.

Barn Door


Barn doors look classy anywhere, but they especially look beautiful in a farmhouse bedroom. A raw wooden door that opens up to the bathroom or a wardrobe can be the perfect way to add a rustic touch to your bedroom. And the wrought iron attachments on the top add to the charm of the barn door.

Add a matching rug on the floor and you’ll have a cozy and comfortable room that will be warm and welcoming in the winter days.

High bed posts


Whether you want to have a double bed or two single beds, you can create that farmhouse style magic by going for high bedposts. Depending on your taste, you can get pencil posts, cannonball posts, pine tree posts, acorn posts, or any other types of posts.

With bedposts, your bed will not just be stylish but also sturdy. If you’re looking for a Victorian style, make sure you get cannonball posts. A dark cherry wood color would be perfect for additional Victorian touch.



Christmas or no Christmas, a colorful flowery wreath can add a spirit of festivity in any room. It can also create an accent in a dull room. Want to add a soft touch to the room? Add a wreath of light pink flowers. 

Want to add excitement in a dull room? Make a wreath out of bright flowers. And if it’s Christmas time, make a wreath out of red flowers and Christmas decorations. It’s just the perfect thing to add life to just about any dull place.

Mantle bed headboard


Replace a boring old headboard with a mantle bed headboard. A sure shot attention grabber, it also gives you enough space to keep things, namely art pieces, house plants, and possibly a wreath. 

A mantle bed headboard will add a comfortable component in your space. No matter whether you live in a condominium or a loft, a mantle will let you have the feeling of a farmhouse. Keep everything else simple and it will create a harmony of lighter completions and overwhelming outlines.

Exposed beams


Nothing says traditional and farmhouse-y quite like vaulted ceilings with exposed wooden beams. Exposed beams in ceilings offer a larger and more breathable space and make the room look larger. Also, they are a great place to attach chandeliers.

And of course, they provide a point of attention on which your eyes can focus. And lastly, they are utterly gorgeous and make the room look amazing. There is absolutely no reason to say no to exposed wooden beams.

Ceiling fan


When we were kids and went to visit our distant uncle on his farmhouse, I remember seeing those big ceiling fans. They were a mix of ceiling fan and lights. I was a kid and could look at them for minutes on end.

So I can say from experience that large multipurpose ceiling fans are sure shot attention grabbers. And of course, large ceiling fans add an old school look to the room, making it look more farmhouse-like.

Bedroom bench


A bedroom bench is an ideal place to place the breakfast tray as you wake up your beloved for breakfast in bed. And it also looks great. 

Since a farmhouse bedroom is large and airy, space shouldn’t be an issue. Place the bench near the foot area of the bed. It’s also a great addition to the bed. Place a couple of cushions here and a couple of books that you might want to read before sleeping.

Beach farmhouse


Create a beach theme in your farmhouse bedroom by using blue-grey or light teal colors. Also, you can showcase seashells and starfish art pieces. Place a sand hourglass on the nightstand for a beach-ey feel. 

The pillowcases on the bed have mermaid and shell prints to accentuate the sea look. The shiplap walls are light blue in color, adding to the theme. You can add several different sea elements to your farmhouse bedroom to make it look like a beach farmhouse room.

Mirror in the room


Want your farmhouse bedroom to look even more spacious? Use a large mirror. Installing a mirror on the barn door will make it look large and also, the mirror can be moved to a side – double advantage!

Barn doors make any room look more rustic and farmhouse style. If you’re looking for more barn door ideas, you’ll find some here. The right barn door can convert any simple room to a farmhouse bedroom and give it a vintage and rustic appeal.

Wrought iron bed


If you’ve already got wooden walls and wooden flooring, a wooden bed will be an overkill. The next best thing to wood would be wrought iron. While you can get a simple and traditional wrought iron bed, there are several options in beautiful Victorian style designs.

Place a colorful wreath over a Victorian-style wrought iron bed and you can get a traditional yet minimalist look. Make the room more beautiful by placing a bedroom bench and placing a vase on it.

Bed curtains


If you want to create absolute magic in your farmhouse bedroom, use bed curtains. While most commonly used in lighter hues, they can be available in just about any color.

They create a mesmerizing effect on their own. And if you install lights in them, it looks like a starry night. Bed curtains are cozy, comfortable, and romantic. They help you have a good night’s sleep and add a feeling of luxury and richness to the room. You can match their colors with the bed linen to create a better ambiance.

Antlers on the wall


Hunter or not, putting antlers on your wall gives a traditional manly look to your farmhouse bedroom. And the antlers don’t even have to be real. You can get faux antlers to give a huntsman look to your house.

Mounted antlers can be a source of pride for hunters but faux antlers can also be a great wall ornament. While antlers are generally mounted over the mantle, you can mount them in your farmhouse bedroom too.

Dark theme


Most farmhouse bedrooms are light in color. Light-colored walls, light bed linen, and plenty of lighting. That’s what’s generally done. You can put your own twist on things and get a dark theme.

The wall is dark blue in color. The bed is made of wood with a dark finish and even the rug has darker shade elements in it. To add to the theme, the room doesn’t have a candelabra chandelier. Instead, it uses a chandelier that looks like horns or deer antlers. 

Of course, darker themes are more difficult to pull but if you think you’d rather have a different shade than others, this will make your farmhouse bedroom look good.

Keepin’ it pink


Pink and white make the best color combination ever. If you’re decorating a girl’s room, pink and white are my usual recommendations. Of course, not all girls like pink but many of us do. 

You can create a soft and pink ambiance just by selecting the right bed linen. Placing a light pink rose in a vase on the nightstand or on the mantle headboard can also do the trick. Want to add more pink? Place a pink rug near the feet and you’re done – a perfectly white and pink farmhouse bedroom.

Small spaces


While farmhouse bedrooms look good when there’s enough space for a large bed, you can create one in a tight apartment as well. Instead of a king-sized bed, place a queen-sized bed to save space. If planned properly, you can get a farmhouse bedroom in your small apartment.

This room might be small but it has all elements of a classic farmhouse bedroom. Ideal to be called a master bedroom, this is a perfectly cozy and comfortable space.

Upcycled space


I’m all for upcycling. If you can use one thing for multiple purposes, there can’t be anything better than that. In this room, an old basket is used as a bedroom bench. 

It’s a beautiful cane basket that doesn’t just add more purpose to the room but also adds to the rustic and vintage appeal of the farmhouse bedroom.

You can use old briefcases stacked on top of each other or an old bench. You can use absolutely anything and upcycle it to save space.

Beautiful, Cozy, and Stylish

So there you go. Some simple ideas to make your simple bedroom look like a luxurious farmhouse bedroom. And the best thing is that space isn’t even a restraint. Just implement these easy tips and get a beautiful bedroom, with a minimum investment of time, money, and resources.