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Transform Your Staircase Landing with These 17 Ideas

By: Joanne Derrick |

Maybe your staircase landing is a large, open area and you’re not sure how to decorate it. Or perhaps you have the opposite problem, that you have a small landing and are unsure of the best way to dress it.

You might be overflowing with ideas and want to get a picture of how different configurations might work for you so you’ll find inspiration from this creative range of landing schemes. 

Whether your landing is big or small, you can find the right decor and arrangement to suit your space. 

Black and White Landing

For medium-sized landings, here the focus is on the look and styling. With a dark hardwood floor, the rest of the design is kept light and bright with some earthy, textural touches.

There is useful closet storage on one side and a small but cozy leather chair opposite. The art ties in the monochrome scheme with the black and white rug and the plants complete the look.

Window Seat

A window seat is on many dream home lists. So if you have a window sill at the right height on your staircase landing, you can create your own window seat and finish with matching pillows.

On this light, bright landing, the theme is classic with simple styling and a beautiful recessed bookcase. The picture light adds a touch of class to this appealing hideaway.

Designer Desk

This crisp office area will give you light and space for inspiration. Clean white walls are brightened by colorful artwork and an unusual office chair. 

If you’re thinking of working from home then consider the nooks and crannies in your home. There might be a spot just right for a desk away from the noise of the rest of the house.

Tiny Home Office that Works

If you have a narrow return like this on your landing, you might think it’s not a usable space. Maybe it’s best suited to a pot plant or vase of dried flowers. But this small area contains a neat home office.

Under the skylight, there’s lots of light for close work and the desk has good space for a laptop. There’s even file storage on a floating shelf. 

So if you have a tiny landing space, see how creative you can get to maximize your space.

Cozy Landing Couch

This staircase landing area with double skylights is calling out to be used as a little sanctuary. Whether for reading or as a bolthole to escape from the world’s noise and bustle, this area is light, bright and soothing.

The cute cornflower blue couch looks cheerful with brightly colored pillows. These colors are tied in with the white shelf unit and complementary colored books and ornaments.

Staircase Landing Cabinet

This green feature wall has a gorgeous natural texture and is a perfect backdrop for a modern light fitting and a darkwood cabinet. 

Remember to think about your lighting, especially if you have a larger space as you can add quite a statement over the stairs. 

The more subdued plants and furniture keep the focus on the angles of the banister, the unusual light fitting and the gorgeous period windows.

Bespoke Storage Unit 

What a fabulous idea this is. At the very top of the staircase, a purpose built unit has been fitted with useful storage space and attractive shelves. The pink is very in, and the shutter style doors add detail and charm.

What’s also to love about this is the contrast of the pink against the fern patterned wallpaper. There’s unexpected designer style at the top of the stairs, including the trendy bare bulb light fitting.

Coastal Blue Landing Storage

This bespoke blue storage unit at the top of the stairs has a nautical feel. It is an economical use of space with cupboards and shelving. 

Styled with a coordinating runner and stool, the artwork in the same tones lends an expensive feel to this practical yet stylish look.

Make the Most a of Small Staircase Landing

This small landing is perfectly utilized to make the best of the floorspace. The console table against the wall is narrow but right on trend with metal hairpin legs.

Here, the ornaments are cohesive, in the same tones and textures. The geological stones on the wall are an unusual display. 

Perhaps your landing could be a place to showcase your hobbies or interests, be that some gorgeous crochet, a handwritten poem in a frame or a collection of memorabilia. 

Create a Wellness Corner

If you need some meditation space then your staircase landing could be just the spot. This hanging chair looks cozy in this clean, uncluttered space. 

Rich with natural textures and a pale colored wall, this could be a spot to find some serenity when you come in and create your very own landing sanctuary.

Standout with Color

The emerald green velvet chair is a beauty. The color zings against a neutral monochrome background. 

An opulent 1930s chair is not expected against the smooth shiplap and this is what makes this a design win. Knowing how to subtly work those colors for a dramatic effect will impress any visitor to your home.

These Grays are Never Dull

We’re all familiar with gray being the new beige. It’s fast becoming a classic neutral but if it’s done badly, gray decor can look boring and characterless. 

Here, however, is a masterclass in design. The tones are used to their fullest potential. The gray shades contrast with the reddish hardwood flooring. The charcoal gray chaise picks up the color of the door. The pussy willow branches frame the look.

A couple of carefully chosen books and a beautiful knitted blanket finish the scheme with designer perfection. Think about your styling to create a setting which looks like it’s out of a glossy magazine.

Dinner for Two?

The decor on this staircase landing is really making the most of the decent size and the arched window shape. With such a great amount of room, we can fit in a table and comfortable seating.

This could be a good space for when the grandkids come round and want to play games away from the adults. It would also make a good space to work. Or perhaps to start the day in a different spot to your usual dining area for coffee and a croissant, or even for a romantic dinner.

The look is classic and expensive with a heavy medium color wood and gilt framed mirrors. A fabulous look for larger houses, for sure.

Reading Nook

If you love books then this is a super space for your home library. Set behind a wall arch, the built-in bookcase houses your best reading material. The window gives you all the light you need in the day and the pretty wall lamp is all you need for the evening.

This outsized chair is perfect for curling up with a hot chocolate and your favorite novel. And it doesn’t need too much space. So have a look at your staircase landing. If you’re a bookworm this could be the configuration for you. 

Arts and Crafts Folk Style

This repurposed garden bench in traditional folk style looks great on this staircase landing. Mixed with a giant fern leaf on the wall, art and a simple pot plant stand it is reminiscent of the Arts and Craft style. It has a pared back feel with plain, spartan walls. 

The colors are of the early 20th century and are an unexpected arrangement at the top of the stairs. This is most hip in style, without being too contrived, and certainly no sign of mass produced goods. Great for those who like to renovate.

Beautiful Art Gallery

This staircase landing is beautiful, and clever in that it’s achieved so much fairly simply. The artwork has been chosen in the same colors and tones with enough juxtaposition to add lots of interest. 

The pigeon gray banister and stair panel tone in with the art and the cute chair and pillow extend out from the gallery to finish the look.

Mural on the Landing Walls

This beautiful exotic mural is a wonderful statement at the top of this landing. An unexpected feature, it totally transforms what might otherwise be a dull passageway.

Whether you’re handy with the paints or would like to try some bold wallpaper, take a look at all of your walls to see if there is scope for an outdoor scene at the top of your stairs.

Botanical Styling

This botanical landing setting has been so beautifully styled that you’ll want to keep looking at all the different elements.

The wallpaper and the mirror coordinate with the unusual stained glass. The console table looks expensive and has a delightful arrangement of the map, terrarium and books. 

And it doesn’t stop there, underneath the table is useful toning storage. If you like detail and collections, try out this kind of style on your own staircase landing.


If your staircase landing is plain and dull, there are so many different decorating ideas you can choose from. Whether you have a large area that you’re unsure how to fill, or a small, tricky space, there are plentiful solutions.

Reading nooks and little hideaways are popular, so if you have room you could perhaps include some seating, maybe even a table and chairs. 

For those who work from home, the landing could be just the spot for a cool desk and a skylight will offer a good source of light. 

If you have an awkward space then you may be able to build in storage or shelving. And think about color – you can go bold or even choose a printed wallpaper or add a mural. 

Be clever with the color and tones of your scheme for how you can best utilize your own staircase landing.