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Beautiful Rooms! Love Living in a Beautiful Space!!

By: Decorated Life Team |

Beautiful rooms and beautiful homes are not only wonderful to look at but wonderful to live in. The best rooms are the ones that make you feel comfortable, are a great refuge on the less than perfect days, and set the best mood for nurturing family, friends and events like birthdays or the holidays. They can be a tiny nook or a large open space; its all in the detail.

Nook with wall scones and upholstered walls

The most beautiful home feels wonderful even when they are messy.. mess just means people live there! What sets these rooms apart are the thousands of tiny details; from mood lighting to stenciled walls or painted wallpaper. It the details that give rooms their wow factor.

Creating Walls of Space

Sometimes a room just feels like four walls. Hang sheer curtains to the ceiling, wide and high, for a room with space and endless windows.

DIY galvanized pipe curtain rod; --Hang curtains high and wide to create a wall of "endless" windows.:

Long sheer curtains are luxurious; they offer privacy, add natural light into your room and create a soft mood. Accents of color can lift a room; add contemporary motifs and patterns, like a trellis pattern to older style homes for a fresh new look.

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Beautiful Rooms – Walls that Move You

A beautiful room is functional, fun and makes you feel confident about your choices. They make it easy for family and friends to relax and connect. They lower stress, not increase it. Detail makes the difference. Here is an upholstered wall, shelving with instant mood lighting and above that family memorabilia.

Upholstered wall

Upholstered panels come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Applied in a small room like this you can change bland to wow quickly and fairly inexpensively. Or use it on a larger wall like this living room below.

upholstered living room

You can always make your own. Here’s a video on how.

You will need:

  • 5’ of vinyl – $30 (17.99 per yard) Or any other fabric
  • 27 buttons – $22.5 (9 packs of 3)
  • 54” x 30” Plywood – $7.99
  • Batting  – 8
  • Queen Mattress Egg cart Foam cut to size – $30
  • Hemp cord – $7 (bought the variety pack)
  • Adhesive spray adhesive – $4

The Balance of a Beautiful Home

Spending time in a beautiful, balanced room is practically meditation. Getting your daily joy ‘quotient’ is easy! This room has simple wallpaper, wall lights, elevated seating and gold accessories like gold coffee table or gold sofa tables and ceiling hanging. Its simple and relaxed.

inspiring home interior design ideas | bathroom design | kitchen design | design products | renovations | hotel & villa projects | Dutch Designer Brand COCOON:

Your room doesn’t have to be painted the latest gray wall paint color. It should be functional. From flooring to lighting. Everything should make your room work better. Extra wall lighting in this kitchen make it a pleasure to work in as well as look at.


Adding this living room bookcase, has really balanced the room. Its a great feature; interesting, functional and takes the focus away from the television. Items on the bookcase are carefully selected to balance color, texture, weight and height of objects.

You can make this pallet wall in an afternoon with the right tools and some help.

4f070a5c608cadca2d1a3713df3c7453Add a chandelier, a warm wood top coffee table, a cozy rug and the whole room is completely changed.

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The rug below is a great 2′ x3′ rug and is less than $5! It doesn’t have the same finish or workmanship as a Persian Styled Rug, but it doesn’t cost the same either.

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Who Needs Beautiful Homes to Live In?

Everyone! It’s not always possible, but anything that helps you get through a stressful day is a must! Its easy to get worn out by the outside world. If you can work out what makes your room happy, and make you happy, you are doing better than most. Its not always expensive or luxurious trappings. Creating a feature or adding detail where none exists can be as simple as adding a table or bench at the foot of your bed.

table and trunk

The vase, flowers, books, pot and tray on this acrylic bench adds color, interest and height! Easy things to add and change almost any bedroom. This way its simple to change, update rooms and follow new trends like adding gallery photos.


Let’s not forget patio, porch, garden and backyard. Painting furniture the same color or tone, can bring everything together into one cohesive look. Details like same color but different textured and patterned coffee tables, cushions and lots of green succulents break the monochromatic look.

| Outdoor Living |

Details go a long way; like this simple outdoor lighting hack below. Use solar lights and you never have to worry about the ‘on’ switch.


Invest Time to Create Beautiful Homes

Enjoy your homes and turn each room into a beautiful masterpiece that works for you and your family!

  1. They are great to live in on a day-to-day basis. They are instant mood balancers and relaxers.
  2. They are great to entertain in.
  3. They keep your home fresh and up-to-date.
  4. They increase the value of your home.