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Kitchen Triangle or Kitchen Zones

By: Decorated Life Team |

The kitchen triangle has been one of the standards of good kitchen functionality and design, connecting the sink, cooktop and refrigerator. The sum of these three should not exceed 26 feet, allowing you to move and work easily between the three areas. If the kitchen has one sink, it should be placed between or across the other two.

Beautiful Kitchen

Kitchen triangle with sink and cooktop close – My Living Interior

For a long time, this was considered the best kitchen design. It doesn’t always fit with different designs like the galley kitchen or larger kitchens with more than one sink or kitchen island.

Open concept Sherwin Williams Conservative Gray Pier 1

Open concept Sherwin Williams Conservative Gray Pier 1 – Pinterest

Kitchen Triangle – Relevant or Expired

The kitchen triangle is not perfect. Kitchens are getting bigger, often with more than three work spaces and more than one person cooking. Suddenly, the very practical kitchen triangle is no longer practical. If you have a household where more than one person shares cooking duties, or you have more than one sink, or a second kitchen island, the single kitchen triangle won’t necessarily make sense.

kitchen zones

Kitchen Zones – apartment therapy

It could be time for a new set of kitchen design rules, with more than one triangle or a prep area in another room. 

Don’t Throw Out The Rule Book

galley kitchen

Galley kitchen update – Pinterest

There are times where the kitchen triangle is the best design solution. Where someone buys an older home with an older kitchen, the kitchen work triangle is often the best design.

small galley kitchen

Small Galley Kitchen – Hunker

Even if the kitchen is updated or totally renovated, most of the time the new sink, refrigerator and cooktop end up in the same positions. 

Kitchen Triangle Evolution – Zones

The kitchen triangle is evolving into work zones. With larger kitchens, and open concept homes, the challenge has been to place appliances within a 26 foot triangular layout.

kitchen storage

Kitchen Storage – Pinterest

With more appliances than ever before, should these go within or outside the triangle? Dishwashers, microwaves, additional wall ovens and sinks did not exist when many homes were built.

Culturally we are changing too. Guests never entered the kitchen, now that’s the only place to meet and greet. Cooking and socializing in the kitchen are now natural.

Generous work space – Real Livin

By creating work zones within your kitchen, you can maximize efficiency in a more generous work space. Now all the cooks, plus any guests will all be better accommodated to work and enjoy the space.

Storage – What You Need, Close to You

When you talk in zones, you need to think about grouping appliances according to how you use them but don’t forget storage. Place enough storage in each zone to complete each task. If you love to bake bread, you need a place to knead bread or pizza dough.
Pull down chopping board and knives
Pull down chopping board and knives – Feast Home
By placing all the bread-making and baking tools in cabinets close by, you can work at this zone while a helper prepares food in another part of the kitchen without getting in each other’s way.
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Oven Landing Area – Jen Home Decor
A place to store all the accumulated appliances
Appliance Zone and Landing Zone