5 Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends – An Interior Design Guide

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5 Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends – An Interior Design Guide

Kitchen cabinet design is gaining importance as an all important must-have feature. Beautifully made kitchen cabinets are a huge conversational piece, but with the increase of open living design they also set the mood for the surrounding rooms in your home. The happy result is a set of cabinets that boost your kitchen’s décor and the appraisal value of your home.

A bit rustic, a bit country, a bit contemporary and a bit chic. Fox Design Studio mixing things up once again in this South Langley, B.C. renovation. Check out the before and afters!

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 Here are 5 Kitchen cabinets design trends you won't want to miss. 

1. Color Tones

Classy all white kitchen cabinets are on trend and never go out of style. This classic staple kitchen cabinet design features in most homes because of its clean and elegant look. But maintaining white kitchens can be difficult and over time what started out as white can look less than pristine. 

all white kitchen

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Grey is the latest alternative to an all-white kitchen. Grey and white kitchen cabinets is the new favorite color combo for a classic and clean looking kitchen. While this is still trending there is a new player, more dramatic, profound and dark. Dark kitchen cabinet tones have arrived!

gray kitchen cabinet design

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Dark color tones were always considered unconventional, and not very common, but they are slowly becoming the favorite. Would you have picked plum for your kitchen cabinets?

navy kitchen cabinet design

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Trending dark tones that have been around for a while, and are now becoming more mainstream include black, navy, and emerald green. These dramatic statement tones are elegant, dramatic and classy and make kitchens look “high-end” especially when set against crisp whites or metallic finishes.

2. Removing Conventional Upper Wall Kitchen Cabinets

The topless trend of getting rid of conventional upper wall kitchen cabinets is a trend starting to gain traction. This is among the boldest and most controversial trend on our list. As revolutionary as ripping out your upper wall cabinets may sound, there’s some sense to it. After all, how functional are kitchen cabinets that can’t be reached without balancing on a chair?

white kitchen cabinets

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Open wall space gained by losing those upper cabinets can house open floating shelves, dramatic wall sconces or glossy clean and elegant tiles. The less cluttered wall space will make your kitchen look bigger, lighter and more spacious. The question is are you willing to let go? 

no kitchen uppers

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Open cabinets are a great alternative to conventional kitchen cabinets and can even be a DIY project.  Designing open faced cabinetry leaves you free to use your budget on different, better quality materials, wood, and paint. Instead of using these spaces for dishes, glasses or spices, they can be home for decorative details which enhance the décor style of your kitchen.

These types of cabinets do wonders for a kitchen’s interior design by creating a unique focal point. Aesthetics aside, they’re also functional.

Modern kitchen with floating shelves

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“When designing your dream kitchen, you would always aim for something that is not just aesthetically pleasing to the sight but also something that is functional.” -- Hunt’s Kitchen Cabinets of Arizona.

3. Efficient Kitchen Cabinet System

Minimalism and decluttering is right on trend. These are driving designs towards efficient stylish kitchens

This style of kitchen cabinetry gives you the best of both worlds, function and style. Conventional kitchen cabinets often lack functionality, no matter how stylish they might be.

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By installing efficient kitchen cabinet systems like appliance garages or stations you can hide away your clutter and improve your working countertop space as the same time.

microwave drawer

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Along with appliance garages are smarter appliances that live within your cabinets, so they are already hidden.

appliance garage

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4. Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets

Shaker style kitchen cabinets

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Shaker cabinets are the most commonly featured kitchen cabinet design in the American home. Its a classic and still going strong. Traditional yet elegant, and easily used in a modern style kitchen. It remains a great choice for most single family homes. Shaker furniture was created with functional form and proportion in mind.

mushroom colored Shaker kitchen cabinets

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"Creative solutions such as asymmetrical drawer arrangements and multipurpose forms to add visual interest."
There are no fancy inlays, carvings, metal pulls, or veneers and that's why it works so well today.

The simple square lines of Shaker styled cabinets have an easy elegance that make it a continued favorite for homeowners today.

5. Shedding Light Under Kitchen Cabinets

Installing LED lights underneath cabinetry is a trending kitchen cabinet design. There are various type of lighting that can be installed, however LED lights are leading the way. They have a longer life, high energy-saving, simple dimming functions and a low heat output.

under kitchen cabinet lights

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Installing lighting fixtures under your kitchen cabinets create elegant mood lighting. They also provide quality task lighting which makes working in your kitchen easier. Whether building your dream kitchen or remodeling an existing kitchen, always plan ahead. Take time to ask yourself these questions.

How do you want you kitchen cabinets to work for you? Is reselling your home part of your kitchen cabinet design? Which style of kitchen do you like, contemporary, modern, traditional, farmhouse or transitional? These questions will help in narrowing down the perfect kitchen cabinetry for your new kitchen.