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29 Stylish Ideas for a Teenage Girl’s Dream Bedroom

By: Caroline Warnock |

Is your teenage daughter tired of her childish room? Is she constantly begging you for help repainting or redecorating her room to a more mature look? Decorating a bedroom is practically a rite of passage for any teenager. 

For a teenage girl, it’s an opportunity to show off her individual style and changing interests. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with a list of ideas so you can help your daughter choose the perfect look for her.

Look for Boho Chic Accessories


The bohemian look is all the rage right now, so what teenage girl wouldn’t want her room decorated in a boho chic style? 

It’s quite easy to do by adding a few accessories, like a patterned tapestry on the wall, some macramé decor, and sticking to a white and earthy palette. You should also play with different textures, like a cable knit blanket paired with a faux fur wrap and fringed pillows of linen.

Use Wire Fence for a Photo Collage


A section of wire fence is a great way to personalize a room. Hang one in your teenage girl’s room and she can put up mementos and photos of her family and friends. The wire fence doesn’t block out the wall color so it doesn’t become an overwhelming color block in the room.

A Big Bookshelf Inspires a Love of Reading


Whether she’s already a big reader or you’re hoping to inspire her, make sure to add a big bookshelf in the room. You can fill it with books in her favorite genre, and leave space for any school books she’ll be getting in the future. 

It’s also a great place to add a couple of decorations to show off some personal style, based on your teenage girl’s interests. 

Decorate in Pastels for a Fun, Fresh Look


Pastels make any room look light and airy. It’s a delicate look, and will leave your teenage girl feeling brighter and more positive. This style is easy to achieve. Look for furniture that’s white or pale wood, and paint or wallpaper the walls in very light pastels, like blue, green, or pink. 

Then, add a few accessories in different pastel colors, like this geometric clock, the garbage can, desk lamp, and desk organizers. 

Create an Inspiring Study Corner


School is such an important part of any teenager’s life, so you want to make sure your daughter has every chance of success. Set her up with an inspiring and fully stocked study corner. 

Make sure the chair is comfortable and the desk is the right height, since she’ll be spending some time there. A great idea in this example is the metal basket for each course, so she can keep her work separated.

Make a Gold Glitter Accent Wall


Without generalizing too much, it’s safe to say that a lot of girls love glitter. Why not create an accent wall made entirely of golden glitter? It makes for a glamorous and dazzling look, and pairs really well with black, white, and pink accents.

This is a time-consuming look to achieve in any room, but as you can see, it’s well worth it in the end! For the full tutorial, check out this blog.

Buy a Vanity for Makeup and Jewelry 


Free up the bathroom in the morning for the rest of the family by buying a vanity for your teenage daughter. She’ll no longer have to risk missing the school bus or argue with her brothers over the bathroom now that she can work on her look in peace.

Make sure it has big mirrors and it’s in a well-lit part of the room. Add some thoughtful touches like a jewelry tree and comfortable pouf. 

Brighten Things Up with Fairy Lights


Little warm white lights create a fairy tale atmosphere in any room, and your teenage girl should absolutely love these. Drape them around the walls or simply around the bed to add a lot of charm and warmth to the room. 

With this kind of look, you don’t need to overload the walls with art or pictures, because the lights themselves are a good focal point. 

Get Lounge Chairs for Hangouts


Teenagers’ rooms should also have a good area for hanging out with friends. This is often an extremely social time in a teenage girl’s life, so it helps to acknowledge that in the room design. 

Ideally, if the room is big enough, you can separate it into different areas for sleeping, studying, and hanging out with friends. Add some lounge chairs or poufs in a corner for a comfy spot to chill with friends. 

A Chalkboard Wall is Great for Studying


This chalkboard wall is a great idea to install above the desk. It’s a fun and creative way for teenage girls to add study reminders, inspirational quotes, or whatever else they feel like putting up that day. 

Keep the messages constant or change them daily—the possibilities are endless with a chalkboard wall. Buy some different colored chalk and you’re all set for an artistic, fluid accent wall!

Get Comfy with Tons of Pillows


A teenage girl’s room is a hideaway from the rest of the world. When she’s feeling angsty or she just wants some time away from nosy parents or siblings (we’ve all been there), the bedroom is often the only place to go.

Nothing says safety and comfort like a mound of pillows on the bed and chairs as well as thick duvets. The bed in this photo is just calling for you to curl up for a while. 

Turquoise Accents Make a Room Pop


Not every teenage girl loves pink and purple and pastels. Instead, go for bright bursts of color like this turquoise and white room. The white walls make the room seem larger and the turquoise adds some personality and fun to the room. 

At the end of the day, this is a time in a teenage girl’s life where she wants flexibility to explore and choose the decor she wants. 

Hang a Corkboard for Mementos and Pictures


A corkboard like this one is a great way for a teenage girl to add some pictures and mementos, or even study notes. Instead of taping things all over the wall, this is a good way to focus all her souvenirs in one spot.

In this example, the gold frame of the corkboard adds some glamor and works really well with the whites and grays of the room. 

Build a Hidden Reading Nook


This is an amazing idea if the bedroom already has a shallow walk-in closet. Simply convert it into a hidden reading nook! A curtain hung across the opening adds some privacy, and the bench is comfortable with added storage underneath. 

You can buy a big dresser for her clothes to put in another corner of the room. I know when I was younger, I would have absolutely sacrificed my closet for this secret reading corner!

Maximize Space in Smaller Rooms


If your teenage girl’s room is small, you don’t need to sacrifice a study area or hangout space. Find creative ways to maximize space, like this bed built under the window with shelving above and tons of drawers underneath. 

There is still space for a desk, and possibly some poufs on the opposite side of the room. Other options include creating a loft bed and hangout area underneath if the room is small but with high ceilings. 

Hang a Clear Bubble Chair


This stuffed bear looks exactly like the one I had when I was younger, but I never had this cool hanging bubble chair! 

This extremely comfy and trendy bubble chair is a perfect addition for a chill out corner where your daughter can hang out with her friends. You can also look for a hanging hammock chair which has a similar vibe but is slightly more bohemian.  

Look for a Cozy Daybed


A daybed is a creative alternative to a regular bed because it doubles as a bed and a couch. This is a great idea for teenage girls who have smaller rooms but still want an inviting and comfortable space to hang out with friends.

If the room is short on space, look for a daybed with pull-out storage underneath, like in this picture. 

A Music Theme Inspires Creativity


This is a great room that shows a teenage girl can love dark colors and simple furnishings instead of glitter walls and pastels. The important thing is that she feels comfortable in her bedroom. 

This example is music-inspired, with an eye-catching decal of a music notes tree, some records above the bed, and a corner for musical instruments. Talk to your teenage girl about her interests so you can create a room that she’ll love.  

Create a Gallery Wall


A gallery wall is a nice way for a teenage girl to show what’s important to her. It’s also a sign of maturity, progressing from taping photos on the walls as a child to choosing the frames and placement for an artistic gallery wall. 

You can help your daughter mix and match photos, cute prints, and inspirational quotes to make an appealing display. It’s also quite easy to switch out pictures as her interests change.

Paint Over Existing Furniture


So, your teenage daughter is tired of the bedroom she had growing up and now she wants a whole new look in her room? The good news is you don’t need to break the bank to change things up. 

It’s as simple as getting some different paint colors and painting over the furniture she already has. A fresh coat of turquoise paint paired with extremely pale pink walls gives the room a fresh new style.

Use Shelves to Partition the Room


A clever way to create different zones in the bedroom is to use shelves as partitions. Here, we see this executed perfectly. The shelves separate the study area so she can get to work without any distractions.

These big square shelves are a good choice because there is some extra space to see through. This creates the illusion of space and light so the desk isn’t completely closed off.

Reach for the Stars with an Astronomy Theme


Is your teenage daughter obsessed with astronomy and reads all she can about the stars and galaxies? It’s easy to decorate in an astronomy theme by painting the walls dark blue and getting a matching bedspread. 

She can put some glow-in-the-dark stars on the walls or ceiling in the shapes of her favorite constellations. I remember when I was young, I had the constellation Cassiopeia above my bed because I liked its W shape.  

Add a Name on the Wall for a Personalized Room


You can get a wall decal in your daughter’s name to put up on the wall. This is a cute way to personalize the room and it looks really good centered above the bed. 

If you can’t find her name in a pre-made cursive decal, you can also buy customizable ones online on Etsy or just get individual letters separately. 

Build a Loft Bed for Extra Space


If you’ve got high enough ceilings, your teenage girl might love getting a loft bed. It adds extra privacy and helps to separate the sleeping area from the rest of the bedroom. In this bedroom, the space underneath is maximized by adding a study corner.

Don’t forget to add a shelf above the bed to use instead of a night table. You should also make sure the bedside light reaches up there.

Encourage Creativity with DIY Wall Decor


You wouldn’t guess it, but these crossed arrows are home-made! It might be a good idea to involve your daughter in making certain unique items for her bedroom. She’ll be able to express herself creatively and learn to use certain tools. 

If your daughter loves crafts and DIY, you can help her make these for a fun project together! It’s simple—just follow these easy steps for a one-of-a-kind, crossed arrows wall decor. 

Maximize Closet Space with Baskets


As teenage girls get older, it’s natural for them to accumulate more clothes, shoes, and accessories. Her closet probably can’t get any bigger though, which means finding creative ways to maximize space. 

You can build extra shelves, install some racks, and use baskets to separate clothing. If done right, you can eliminate the need for a dresser in the room, which frees up more space for other bedroom furniture.

Add a Mosquito Net for a Princess Vibe


You might not get mosquitos in the house, but hanging a sheer white mosquito net over the bed creates an exotic, magical vibe to any girl’s room. 

She can leave it draped around the head of the bed like in the photo, or wrap it around her bed when she’s going to sleep—either way, it adds a level of privacy and mystique to the room and creates the feeling of being in a cocoon.

Add Shelves to Encourage Organization


If your teenage girl is messy or unorganized, installing floating shelves above the desk is a great way to encourage her to be more orderly. She can add the decorations she likes to the shelves, and a few boxes are also good to put away school supplies. 

Once she sees how good her study area looks without a mess all over the desk, it’ll hopefully always be spotless!

Get a Vintage Bed Frame


A vintage bed frame is an excellent addition to a room if none of the more modern options are appealing to your daughter. Spend a day bonding at the antique shop picking out the items that will work together and create a cool, vintage vibe in her bedroom. 

In this photo, the brass ornate bed frame works really well with the minimalist walls and pale, slightly frilly bedspread. The finished result is feminine and mature.

Final Thoughts

This will come as no big surprise, but girls go through major changes in their lives during their teenage years. It’s often a time when they will want to show off their personality, and that comes with making their own decisions about their room decor. 

If you have a teenage daughter, chances are good that she’ll be getting tired of the look she had in her room as a kid. Whether she wants to go for a dark theme, boho chic, pink and frilly, or anything in between, this is a great opportunity to bond over a bedroom redesign project.