20 Mid Century Modern Bathroom Ideas

Mid Century Modern is a gorgeous interior aesthetic, and it’s worth taking cues from this style in order to give a vintage look to your bathroom.

How to Use Kitchen Wallpaper to Update Your Kitchen

Kitchen wallpaper can update and upscale your existing kitchen using wallpaper behind shelving, on your kitchen island on a feature wall or on appliances.

Ways to Use the Hexagon Tile, Shelves and Pattern in Your Home

The hexagon tile is being used with subway tiles, in honeycomb patterns, in hexagon shelves, rug patterns, kitchen & bathroom floors & kitchen backsplashes.

Hip French DecoratingTrends

These French decorating trends are on the rise. Blend rough, smooth, vintage with modern; flawless interesting styling using gilded decor, metallic finishes

Kitchen Triangle or Kitchen Zones

The kitchen triangle is a great design tool for functionality but with kitchen zones for bigger kitchens, is the kitchen triangle old hat? Discover kitchens

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Paint Colors - Sea Green Color Madness

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Aged Doors - Old Door New Tricks

Aged doors - using distressed doors, vintage door, vintage brass handles or even creating your own aged doors creates a focal point in your home decorating.

18 Fabulous Finial Hacks for Rockstar Home Decorating

10 finial hacks to use in your decorating, create your own + copy expensive looks for the garden, kitchen and bedroom. There are short tutorials and photos.

How to Antique Furniture - DIY Antiquing Furniture

How to antique furniture - DIY antiquing furniture tutorials, techniques and videos using chalk paint, milk paint shoe polish, latex paints, glazes or wax.

Decorating on a Budget - Fabulous Living Room Ideas on a Budget

These 5 ideas make decorating on a budget simple, using themed prints, clever storage, and living room ideas, on a budget will seem easy to get great looks.