Handmade Home Decor - But Not By You!

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Stumbling over half-sanded or painted furniture in your home or garage can be a dreary and constant reminder of things left undone. I hate half-baked stuff! Especially 12 months after I started it. And the larger the furniture the greater the guilt. There are places you can get handmade home decor, like the shutters below, without DIY-ing them yourself - more like DFY that's done-for-you.

Sounds good to me!

Your intentions to do-it-yourself are honorable but in the end, you have to face facts. If you don't have time - you don't have time. But that's no reason to go without! These distressed wooden shutters would look good almost anywhere and remind me of the Greek Isles. Follow the link below to find more DIY goodies done by other people. Stroll around sites like Etsy and Wanelo you might find what you want or commission someone to do-it-for-you.

Vintage Caribbean Blue wooden shutter distressed beachy cottage decor piece Anita Spero