• 6 Decorating Ideas for Selling Your Home


    Decorating a House to Sell

    If you want to sell your home, your decorating ideas for selling your home have to be strategic. How to decorate a house to sell is different than decorating for you or your family. Like most people ready to sell a home, you want it to sell fast and for the best price. You need a plan to make it a real show stopper for your potential buyers. So, who are they?

     hanging light fixtures

    First, work out who your potential buyer might be. Then, your focus should be on updating your home, making it feel spacious and highlighting its best features with them in mind. Here are some tips on how to decorate a house to sell. 

    Get Rid of Clutter

    Before any decorating can be done, the clutter must go. Give away, donate or sell anything you haven’t used in the past year. Before you know it, you will sell your home and move to your next adventure. This is a great way to prepare you for moving. Any decorating ideas for selling your home will be lost if this step isn’t done properly from the start.

    neutral paint color canvas

    Find tidy and attractive storage for the things you want or need to keep, but get them out of sight. Clear shelves, remove papers, and line up storage containers, so they look neat where ever they live.

    storage for your clutter

    Consider rent a storage unit if you don’t want or don’t have time to go through all your things. The benefit of doing this? Clutter feels chaotic. A tidy space feels organized, cleaner, bigger and open.

    You want your potential buyers to look at the space, and its potential, and not at your stuff. If they are focusing on the type of muesli you eat, they won’t have time to think about how their things might look in the same space.

    Gallery nook

    Finding Treasure in Your Home

    You may not know it but your home has hidden treasure. Small areas, corners, pockets of space that you don’t use at all. They might be invisible to you but they are there. The best decorating ideas for selling your home for the best price come from finding this hidden treasure and making the most of them.

    clutter free room

    Its the corner space with a single chair that is never used, the spare room that is piled with stuff, the hallway closet or laundry that no-one loves, the space under your stairs that could be valuable storage, guest closet or toilet or the kitchen with a space perfect for a bar fridge and counter.

    simple home office with floating desk

    This is valuable space that will increase the value and sale price of your home. Turn on your imagination and help your buyers see the corner with the single chair as a reading nook or small office. Clear the spare room and make it a yoga/exercise room, a guest room or craft room combo.

    Can you hallway closet become a work station or a pantry? Can you laundry house a mudroom? Will changing a door to get more light, also give you more space?

    change door to laundry with barn door

    A space that does not have a clear and defined purpose will confuse potential buyers. They will ignore it, because you did.

    under stairway office space

    Replace Broken Fixtures, Tiles or Decorate and Upgrade?

    People viewing your home come with the expectation that everything is in working order. Broken tiles, fixtures, holes in the drywall or a crack in the glass makes your home appear unloved. When something is broken, negotiating to drive the price down, soon follows. If something broken sticks out, they will remember it and use it to their advantage. 

    fix broken fixtures

    Working out what needs to be mended, repaired or simply taken away and upgraded, is part of the process of preparing and decorating a house to sell. This is where some of your best decorating ideas for selling your home will come from, as well as a budget to complete these tasks.

    If something looks tired and outdated, the fastest result could be to replace the lot and not spend time looking for ‘almost’ matches.

    Soft room

    Paint Decorating Ideas for Selling Your Home

    Paint is the fastest, most reliable and least expensive way to update a space. It can make rooms look fresh and new. You can make a statement with paint, using color, texture or painting techniques.

    When choosing paint colors to sell a home, look for light neutral colors, that make the most of any natural light entering your rooms.

    neutral paint colors

    Off-white, pale gray and cooler pastel colors are popular, safe choices that make rooms feel light and spacious. If a room feels dull, even after painting, update your cornices or baseboards for more character, or simply create feature walls using paint, shelving or large ornamental pieces.

    All these will add character to your rooms without taking away valuable floor space, or making rooms smaller.

    Set to Neutral

    Making a space neutral means removing your personality from it. This makes is easier for potential buyers to think about where their possessions might go, and how they might live there. 

    Neutral dining room

    Toys and family photos showcase your wonderful life, but can make the buyer forget why they are in your home. Funky pieces of furniture or art can work to your advantage if they add interest to a boring room, otherwise, consider putting them into storage.

    The goal is to create rooms with enough empty space that buyers find it easy to mentally remove your possessions and personality from the space, and introduce their own. 

    Light It Up

    Lighting is a great way to add more light and space to your rooms, making them feel larger. They are also a great way to update your home. Pendant lights, chandeliers or task lighting all work to decorate your rooms and modernize them. Whether you buy or hire, lighting fixtures have been known to sell a home and even increase the asking price.

    big pendant lighting

    This goes for all rooms, not only your ‘show rooms’. Add lighting to dark halls, doorways and entries. Turn negatives into positives; like turning dark corners into reading nooks or small office areas. Use lighting to highlight your walk-in closet, make your foyer look grand, improve your curb appeal or turn your outdoor area into a backyard retreat.  

    Uplighting Outside

    When you are decorating a house to sell, there are so many things you can do to help your home sell faster.

    Never forget to use your real estate agent. They often know trending decorating ideas for selling your home in your local market. And if you do not have one, compare real estate agents fees before deciding on one.

    Making your home appear open, spacious and fresh often means removing many of your belongings from the space to highlight it’s best features, making it more appealing to potential buyers. Knowing how to use decorate ideas for selling your home to potential buyers could pay off big.

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