Keep Your Home in the Best Shape: A Maintenance Checklist

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Keeping Your Home in the Best Shape: A Homeowner's Maintenance Checklist

With a maintenance checklist for different areas of your home, there are quite a few things you can, and should do, to keep your home in the same shape as the day you bought it. You worked hard to buy your dream home, now it is important to keep everything in the best shape possible and keep your investment increasing in value; like money in the bank.

Here is a homeowner's checklist of things you should keep in mind to preserve the quality of your home.

Home Maintenance Checklist

A home needs to be maintained to keep it looking good. A roof leak or faded paint makes your home look tired. That's the look you want to avoid.

The first step to home maintenance is to identify what the problems are.  

Here is a summary;

Monthly Checklist

Every 4 Months

Every 6 Months

Maintenance Checklist Tasks

Spring Maintenance Checklist 

Spring Cleaning is the perfect time to focus on the exterior, preparing for the summer heat. This maintenance checklist should keep your Spring and Summer in order.

Gutter Wedges for home maintenance

roof maintenance checklist

Summer Maintenance Checklist

The weather is perfect to;

organize your garage

Fall Maintenance Checklist

Cold, snow, and rain can damage to your home so don't ignore your winter preparations.

Winter Maintenance Checklist

tighten door knob

Regular inspection helps you decide whether you can handle these repairs yourself or need the help of a professional, create a priority list and budget each one. 

black mold

Common Problems

Some common problems homeowners face on the interior of their homes are leaks, chipping or old paint, upholstery repair, and general wear and tear.

On the exterior, issues include roofing, landscaping, porch maintenance and wear and tear. The most expensive of these have to do with your roof.

Bedroom Maintenance Checklist

Often neglected, the bedroom is so important, and should move up your priority list; because your comfort is vital. Without a good night's sleep, you cannot function.

If your carpet is extremely worn, replace it. Paint your floor, add an inexpensive rug, or install the latest laminate flooring for a fresh new look.

Get a bed that your bed is big enough and comfortable. If it is very old, (10 years plus) replace it with something for a good night's sleep. Wash pillows, mattress and protector every two to three months. Replace pillows every three years. Click the image below to get a printable version.

bedroom cleaning checklist

Closet space and dressers should have good storage to help you keep things tidy, and you should always make sure you have adequate task and mood lighting. 

Bathroom Maintenance

Bathrooms are one of the most expensive rooms in the house to renovate, but if you regularly maintain your bathroom as part of your housekeeping routine, you might find that your renovating can be more decorative and cosmetic than structural.

This is the best way to reduce costs on repairs; from plumbing issues, mold, mildew, leaks, and drain clogs. Check for leaks as often as you can. Even small leaks should be taken care of quickly because mildew and mold can quickly form and once it is in and discolors your grout, its very difficult to clean it. In some cases, a professional might be necessary to remove stubborn, and often invisible mold problems.

Check under spouts, bathtubs, toilet bowls, and any pipes carrying water to your bathrooms. Loose or broken tiles can be a breeding ground for fungi as well. Replace them as soon as you notice them.

Issues in a Sitting Room

Sitting rooms can be relatively easy and cheaper to maintain. One reason is the lack of daily traffic. Most chairs or couches have a long life if they are properly taken care of. That means regular vacuuming to remove dust mites, silverfish or moths that can eat their way through fabric. If no-one has an allergy to Scotch Guard, protect your fabric furnishings, curtains and even cushions by spraying them with Scotch Guard every 6 -12 months. This will prevent liquid spills when you entertain and save you and your guests trouble and embarrassment.

Kitchen Issues

The kitchen is a hot spot of cooking, traffic, entertaining and its no surprise that it gets knocked about. The cost to upgrade and remodel kitchens can be significant, so maintenance can save you time and money.

  1. The kitchen maintenance checklist ranges from having good sink drainage to eliminate smells to a working exhaust to remove smoke and avoid damaging your walls and cabinets. Monthly, if not quarterly, regular cleaning and maintenance can help your kitchen look great and work like the first day you got it.
  2. You kitchen maintenance checklist should include keeping cabinets, storage and pantry's clean, and tossing expired sauces, herbs, flours and food.
  3. Store your utensils well, and they should well for years.
  4. Appliances like your stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator, and freezer should be properly maintained with an annual service. You won't regret it.

If you want to properly maintain your home, this homeowner's checklist of things to check should give you a good start. Keep all of these issues in mind and check them frequently to keep your dream home in the best condition it can possibly be in.